Icon Media is born!


In 2009, Icon Media (NZ) Ltd was founded with the aim of using technology to spread the message of Christ.

The mission of Icon Media has been well summed up by the Holy Father’s message for the 44th World Communications Day, released in January 2010.

[H]elp the men and women of the digital age to sense the Lord’s presence, to grow in expectation and hope, and to draw near to the Word of God which offers salvation and fosters an integral human development.

— Pope Benedict XVI

While the Pontiff’s message was aimed at priests, we are sure that he would ask lay people committed to using online media to spread Christ’s message would seek those same outcomes.

With that in mind, Icon Media has formulated the following mission statement:

With Christ as its guide, Icon Media aims to help — and help others — spread His message to the world by informing, educating, challenging, inspiring and entertaining His followers and those who do not yet know him.

With skills available within the team and from our partners, Icon is equipped to handle any Internet-based projects.  We are ready to tackle the challenges that face the Church with regards to utilising the ever-changing tools of the media trade to get the Good News of Christ to as many Kiwis and people from around the world as possible!

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