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The 15th Station podcast was launched on the Feast of the Assumption (August 15) 2007, as that is the feast day of New Zealand. The podcast was launched as a collaborative project sponsored by the NZ Catholic national Catholic newspaper as part of its “new media” strategy.

In late 2008, just ahead of the first birthday of the original podcast, the 15th Station became a podcast network with the launch of two new podcasts: Catechiwi, a monthly catechesis/teaching podcast; and Familia, a monthly pro-life podcast in partnership with Family Life International in New Zealand.

At the end of 2009, as the network of podcasts and blogs continued to expand, the NZ Catholic team needed to focus their resources on their core business of producing New Zealand’s top Catholic newspaper. So, they looked for a partner to take the reins and continue to expand and develop the Catholic new media projects they had so ably started.

Enter Icon Media, a new New Zealand organisation which had been formed specifically to spread the message of the Church using digital means. The vision for the 15th Station is to continue to invest in and grow the stable of podcasts, as well as form partnerships with other Catholic media organisations throughout the country and the world, such as SQPN. The first new podcast under this vision is Ignition, a regular podcast launched in 2011 that provides serialised access to some of the great lectures and other content from events like Hearts Aflame and 6pence.

The latest episodes on the network

Station XV: Episode 115 — Easter sorrows and joys

15 April 2017 | 8:44 am
Sat Apr 15 08:44:57 2017

On the eve of Easter, the Christian community in Egypt was rocked by another deadly attack on their places of worship, with dozens killed and dozens more injured during services on Palm Sunday. The attacks came as the Middle East, …

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Station XV: Episode 114 — Priests, poverty, parishes, policy and a pooch

15 March 2017 | 9:05 pm
Wed Mar 15 21:05:56 2017

Pope Francis — not for the first time — features prominently in this month’s episode of The 15th Station. He’s going to examine the possibility of ordaining married men to help address priest shortages in some remote parts of the …

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Station XV: Episode 113 — Praise, criticism, tragedies and comedy

16 February 2017 | 9:30 am
Thu Feb 16 09:30:49 2017

It’s been a manic first (almost) month in the Trump presidency, and the US bishops have been both praising and criticising the President. In Australia, the bishops have been more focused on repentance, as damning statistics emerge about the extent …

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Station XV: Episode 112 — New year, new approach, new relationship, new lyrics

16 January 2017 | 10:18 am
Mon Jan 16 10:18:04 2017

Pope Francis has expressed optimism that 2017 can be a good year while also acknowledging the deadly start to the year in Turkey and the challenge of people embracing peace and rejecting hatred. The Pope has also called for bishops …

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Station XV: Episode 111 — Politicians, Trailblazers, Questioners, Refugees and Sinners

14 December 2016 | 11:27 am
Wed Dec 14 11:27:32 2016

Two big stories from New Zealand lead off the Christmas episode of The 15th Station. Following the surprise resignation of Prime Minister John Key, Bill English became the latest Catholic to hold the position, saying his faith is a big part …

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