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The 15th Station (or Station 15) is New Zealand’s first Catholic podcast.  It has now grown into a podcast network!

The podcast itself is a monthly news discussion podcast that was launched on the Feast of the Assumption (August 15) 2007, as that is the feast day of New Zealand. We named the podcast after the Stations of the Cross. The last station (the 14th) ends with Christ’s body being laid in the tomb. Of course, we all know that the next station would be Christ’s rising from the dead – which our Church is the product of. So, we named this media project after that glorious moment when Christ conquered death and sin and gave us all new life.

The latest episodes from the 15th Station

Station XV: Episode 119 — Electing, Protecting, Translating, Counting and Baptising

15 September 2017 | 11:02 am

As New Zealanders prepare to vote in their national election, the issue of abortion — and the views of the Catholic Prime Minister — were put front and centre. Meanwhile, Pope Francis is seeking to empower local bishops’ conferences and …

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Station XV: Episode 118 — 10 Years, 118 Shows, One Church

15 August 2017 | 10:28 am

As The 15th Station celebrates its 10th birthday, there’s time for a little trip down memory lane and a chance to welcome back some friends — old and new. But it’s not all reminiscing, with several big stories to discuss. In …

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Station XV: Episode 117 — Election, Collection, Reflection and Connection

17 July 2017 | 8:18 am

Pope Francis has offered the influential world leaders at the G-20 summit some important reflections, including on their responsibility to look after their own people, as well as their brothers and sisters around the world. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops …

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Station XV: Episode 116 — Francis, Fatima, Faith and Fairness

15 May 2017 | 11:30 am

All eyes will be on the Vatican later this month when Pope Francis plays host to President Donald Trump, with the discussion predicted to cover some uncomfortable territory for the latter. Closer to home, New Zealand Catholic education leaders are …

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Station XV: Episode 115 — Easter sorrows and joys

15 April 2017 | 8:44 am

On the eve of Easter, the Christian community in Egypt was rocked by another deadly attack on their places of worship, with dozens killed and dozens more injured during services on Palm Sunday. The attacks came as the Middle East, …

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